Asian Crypto Exchange VinDAX Gets Hacked


Vietnam-based cryptocurrency exchange VinDAX has been hacked, losing “half a million USD” worth of cryptocurrencies. According to VinDAX officials, the breach took place about three days ago. One source familiar with the matter said that VinDAX has lost the funds via 23 cryptocurrencies.

VinDAX is primarily engaged in conducting token sales of little-known projects via its Launchpad platform. There is currently a token sale going on the platform for blockchain project MyFie, while there are at least 5 more token sales scheduled on the platform.

Notably, VinDAX had over 390,000 visitors last month and the majority (over 65%) of them were from India, according to web analytics firm SimilarWeb. VinDAX has been sending emails to projects of hacked tokens, asking for funds. “Please lend us an amount of your token/coin equal to 30%-100% the amount that was stolen in the last accident so that we can address the withdrawal request of the users that are related to your token/coin,” one of the emails reportedly read.

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