Crypto ATMs Are Expanding Their Networks and Volume Despite Social Distancing Policies in Place


Bitcoin ATMs are seeing consistent traffic during the pandemic, according to operators. The machines, often found in supermarkets, gas stations and other such hubs, are sometimes considered essential and can be found still operating even as many factions of society are locked down.

Blockchain-based and crypto-based games and programs are in vogue right now as people are spending more time online, and the ATMs have seen fairly upbeat traffic, according to operators. DigitalMint, one of said operators, said it had seen a slight decline in traffic, but not too much — and the firm has been expanding its number of machines since March, adding new locations in big cities like Boston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, Coinsquare, which only recently got the license to operate as a crypto ATM company, reported an average transaction size spiking 167 percent over the past seven days. However, bitcoin use, like almost every other sector of society, has been hurt by the pandemic.

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