Espeo Helps Companies Transform a Blockchain Concept into a Decentralized Product


Blockchain Advisor speaks to Mickael Costache, the Regional Director Middle East, Asia and Africa at Espeo Blockchain

What is Espeo all about?
At Espeo Blockchain, our aim is to be your full-service technical partner when it comes to transforming your blockchain concept into a complete decentralized product. We work on projects of various sizes and scopes. We know how to start an ICO as well as do complex blockchain development for established companies. Think of us as your blockchain consultant, helping you analyze your needs and providing you with the technical expertise required to build your solution in a safe and reliable way.

What sort of solutions do you offer on the market?
We work on a full spectrum of services, we can create an ICO (smart contracts, KYC process, landing page, and so on) and build complex blockchain solutions for large companies and governments. We also offer very strong advisory and auditing services, in order to help companies at various stages of their development. Every case is different – this is what makes our job so interesting. We’ve worked with teams who have very little experience when it comes to the blockchain, but we’ve also worked with companies who already have an in-house blockchain team and just needed some extra expertise to build their solution.

What is Espeo’s USP? How does it stand apart from the numerous similar solutions available on the market?
First of all, we have a lot of very successful projects to showcase and a history of happy clients, which isn’t usually the case with newer firms entering this market. We put an emphasis on constantly educating ourselves on the newest developments in the blockchain world and building very strong partnerships with other stakeholders in the industry. Our USP is clear: a team of top-notch professionals with fair and transparent pricing, a clear track record and stellar reviews.

How do you help blockchain companies achieve their goals?
We help companies achieve their goals in a lot of different ways. First and foremost, we see ourselves as a trusted consultant, making sure our clients’ visions are realistically aligned with the technical capabilities currently available on the market. We often start a project with a brainstorming session, exchanging ideas and educating our clients on the latest developments happening in the fast-changing blockchain world. Most of our clients hire us to build an entire blockchain product, but we’ve also had pure advisory contracts where an existing team needs our expertise to “go in the right direction”. Every case is unique, but we make it a point to always become long-term partners with all of our clients.

What sort of problems is Espeo set out to solve?
At Espeo Blockchain, the main problem we’re solving is the lack of professional and trusted blockchain consultants and developers. We’re very proud of the past projects we’ve worked on, and are constantly looking for new exciting companies to partner with.

Can you tell us about the team behind Espeo?
Espeo Blockchain is part of Espeo Software, a European company that’s been operating in software development for more than 10 years. We have offices in Finland, Poland, the US and a foothold in Dubai and Switzerland as well. Our clients come from all over the world thanks to the great reputation we’ve built over the last decade. While most of our team members are based in Europe, a lot of us work remotely in order to expand our presence throughout the globe. For example, from our office in Dubai, my focus is working on exciting blockchain solutions with our partners in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Is the crypto industry better than the fiat industry we are used to?
While the crypto industry has its challenges and is experiencing very quick and constant changes due to its relative infancy, we’re strong believers in the fact that the disruption it is causing to the fiat industry is here to stay. The fundamental positive changes it’s bringing to the table in terms of transparency and effectiveness are irrefutable. So, while we can all agree that it needs to go through a maturation phase, we can imagine a “near” future where we’ll be able to comfortably say that “yes, the crypto industry is better than the fiat industry”. But we’re not there yet.

What sort of milestones do you plan to achieve with Espeo this year?
This year, our main goal is to expand our presence in new geographies, including the Middle East, and to continue working on impactful projects, both on the ICO front and on bigger blockchain solutions for larger companies and governments. We’re also aiming to sign more and more partnerships with other stakeholders in our industry in order to help our clients with related services, such as legal or marketing.

The governments in the Middle East are very supportive of blockchain and related applications and technologies. What does that mean for companies such as Espeo, the applications of the tech, and crypto in general?
Being based in Dubai, I’m very lucky to experience the dynamism and support of the UAE government and other Middle Eastern governments. Dubai specifically is becoming a very big hub for our industry with so many conferences happening throughout the year and a real enthusiasm for blockchain from both the private and public sectors. The impact on our business is real and goes beyond the obvious revenue opportunities. It’s intellectually stimulating and encouraging to be working in an environment where the government’s helping companies like ours to thrive and expand. We truly hope that the UAE and other Middle Eastern governments will continue this effort and support our industry from a regulatory standpoint.

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