RUON AI Announces IEO and Patents to Help End World Poverty


RUON AI has announced IEO and patents after the successful upload of SovereignSky “Space-Based Blockchain” to AS-5 satellite to help end world poverty. According to the update, a single patent application allows the RUON AI solution to scan news sites, blogs, forums, chat rooms, and social channels to identify users endangered or affected by war, famine or oncoming natural disasters. The AI then creates a database of endangered users, sending their profiles to HNWs, companies, donors, and members of the public who can instantly send electronic currency donations (via SovereignAid & RUON electronic currency) directly to the users before the danger strikes.

“The beneficiaries receive donations instantly and can upload photos and videos showing your money being put to good effect. People in need can personally thank donors through the RUON app, and donors can monitor exactly how their donations have been spent,” RUON AI Founder Tim Burke said in the news release. “All of this is made possible via blockchain technology, auditing, and reporting. We feel it’s one of the most effective and trusted donation and verification processes ever created, and, today, this solution has been officially captured in one of RUON’s patent-pending claims. It’s time for a change. Please contact us and help support our mission.”

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